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Unit Type Flexo Printing Machine factory
This machine is a printing machine which adopts flexible photosensitive resin plates, rubber plates as the base material, anilox rollers for transferring ink, liquid ink for printing. It is controlled centrally by PLC system and generally consists of unwinding section, tension control section, infeed traction section, printing section, drying section, outfeed traction section, rewinding section and control section. This machine is an ideal machine for printing paper cup, carton, paper bag and so on.
No. Model XHJE-A1350mm
1 Printing color 6colors
2 Suitable material roll paper: 30-300gsm
3 Max. width 1000mm
4 Max. width of printing 970mm
5 Max. diameter of roll paper(unwinding) 1300mm
6 Max. diameter of roll paper(rewinding) 1300mm
7 Diameter of printing repeat 360mm—1350mm
8 Printing speed 180m/min
9 Thickness of printing plate 1.7mm or1.14mm
10 Thickness of adhesive tape 0.38mm
11 Anilox roller Ceramic anilox roller
12 Doctor blade General single side doctor blade
13 Body frame  Thickness 50mm Integral alloy steel sheet
Unit Type Flexo Printing Machine factory
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