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Cosmetics China
Whitening facial Lotion  OEM
Contains triple whitening formula to sequester skin from melanin: Impairs uneven pigmentation in skin Enhances skin's brightness Protects skin from melanin formation
In dry spring, autumn, winter and other seasons, any skin needs deep moisturizing body lotion to regulate the degree of skin moisture, because at this time under the influence of the season, the nutrient structure inside the skin will change, and the dry air will also change. Will compete for moisture in the skin, in order to awaken the underlying vitality of the skin, it is necessary to strengthen the internal natural moisturizing layer. The deep moisturizing body milk will nourish the skin while deepening the skin's stratum corneum, continuously replenishing the skin's necessary moisture and nutrients, completely changing the skin condition, purifying and translucent skin, leaving the skin plump, watery, and elastic.Our use of whitening body lotion is often because after the summer sun, the skin needs to quickly restore the "daylight" and do the follow-up maintenance work, this type of product is mostly used after sunburn after the sun care - whitening maintenance.
As the skin is exposed to sunlight and exposed to ultraviolet light, melanin precipitates. Whitening body lotion can gradually dilute sunburn spots, dark spots, and avoid the production of melanin. It can also make skin appear brighter and shiny.
You need to know that whitening body milk can't change things: Although whitening products can largely shield UV rays, they can avoid rapid skin darkening and aging. However, whitening products do not change the natural skin color (that is, it does not allow black people to whiten), or reduce the chronic diseases or the pigments formed by heredity. It is even less likely to bleach the skin or make the skin tender.Cosmetics China
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