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Aeronautic Industry Hydraulic Power Source factory
Quick Details
Type:3HP hydraulic power unit machine center
Model Number:SHSV-30E22-16B38
Brand Name:YOUZHI
Place of Origin:Taiwan
Advantage:Hydraulic pump speed response
Tank capacity:30L
Working pressure:1-7Mpa
Application:CNC machine, machine center, Hydraulic fixture, Hydraulic cutter
Working oil temperature:Room temperature +6℃
Flow rate:16cm3/rev
Working voltage:220V/380V
Color:Black or white
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Wooden pallet for hydraulic power unit machine center
Delivery Time:15 days for hydraulic hydraulic power unit machine center
Product Description
High-speed hydraulic pump response capacity (packing when the maximum displacement of the reaction time of 0.1 seconds or so)
Using Swiss ABB controller, the German sensor, with high sensitivity induction system, and with Taiwan plunger pump, low speed inertia. Through the production and processing of the ready signal input can be achieved within 0.1 seconds to stop or run the switch, this high-speed response capabilities can stop immediately when the hydraulic stop fuel supply, and further improve energy efficiency.
Energy-saving hydraulic station saves space resources
Small lightweight structure, the use of high-performance piston pump, the equivalent hydraulic station relative to just use its 30% of the oil reserves, saving two-thirds of the oil, and space savings of more than 60%;
easy to use
As long as the connection 220V / 380V power cord can be action.
Energy-efficient hydraulic power unit
1) High speed response capacity(0.1s reaction), European ABB controller+ German Sensor+Taiwan Plunger pump.
2) Easy Installation & operation easily, connect the 220V / 380V power for work directly, which keeps the space clean and save space a lot.
3) One hydraulic power units can connect Two set machines which can save a lot of power.
4) Save oil 65%, make the hydraulic system small volume, convenient transportation for customers.
5) Oil run at low temperature, ensure the fabrication accuracy, raise production efficiency for equipments.
6) We offer customized products- Turnkey Projects.Aeronautic Industry Hydraulic Power Source factory
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