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Indeterminate Pink Tomato Variety factory
Brand Name: Kate 318
Type: Indeterminate Hybrid  F1
Fruit Color: deep pink
Fruit Weight: 280g to 300g
Fruit Shape: round
Vigor: strong
Resistance to TYLCV, leaf mold,leaf spot diseases,root nematodes
Ideal For: both open field and greenhouse
This strain thrives in cold weather and weak light, having a strong continous fruit setting ability.It’s a heavey yielder with high resistance to TYLCV, leaf mold, leaf spot diseases,root nematodes etc. The flavor is very good ,sweet yet tangy, making this a wonderful addition to an early harvest.You can expect a vigorous plant producing round, uniform and smooth beautiful clear pink tomatoes, without green shoulders and hollow heart,ranging from 280g to 300g. Flesh is firm which makes it easy to store and transport.Indeterminate. Hybrid F1.
Quality Standard
PurityNeatnessGermination RateMoistureQuantityShelf Life
≥98%≥99%≥90%≤8%1000unit/bagTwo Year
Seed TypeHybrid F1Indeterminate Pink Tomato Variety factory
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